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Welcome to Lime Tree Surgery

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What to do if you become unwell? We are here to help you:

If you become unwell or injured the following options are available:

1. Self Care – For hangovers, grazed knees, sore throats, coughs etc

2. – For information and leaflets

3. – For information and to help find health services in your local area

4. Pharmacy First – For common health problems which does not require being seen by a nurse or doctor.Medication is free if you do not pay for your prescriptions

5. Doctor On Call (if you cannot get an appointment) – For a telephone consultation with a doctor at the surgery who will be able to book you an emergency appointment that same day if clinically indicated

Out of Hours

For URGENT appointments outside normal surgery hours call 020 8519 9914

If the surgery is closed the following options are available;

Pharmacy First:

A&E or 999 - FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY for example choking, chest pain, black outs, blood loss

Waltham Forest GP Federation Network - You can also make an appointment at our local hub. Their telephone number is 020 8519 3999.

Weekday – Please call between 12.00 – 20.00 to book for evening appointments

Weekend – Please call between 10.00 – 16.00 to book weekend appointments