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Our patients are from a diverse group, 90% are from Waltham Forest and 10% from City & East London and their ethnicity reflects that of their local wards. This means over 30 first languages are spoken and multiple dialects. Consultations are predominately held in English but the Principle Doctor can consult in Urdu. We also have doctors who are fluent in German and Dutch.


Violent or Abusive Behaviour

We take seriously any threatening, abusive or violent behaviour against any of our staff or patients. If a patient is violent or abusive, they will be warned to stop their behaviour. If they persist, we may exercise our right to take action to have them removed, immediately if necessary, from our list of patients.


Disabled Access

There is good access for the disabled on the ground floor at Lime Tree Surgery. We have the Nurse’s Treatment Room on the Ground Floor and we have a lift for you to be able to access to Clinical Rooms on the First Floor.

When accessing the building we have a bell that you can press if you require help from a member of staff.



There is parking in the nearby streets and you may have to walk a few metres during busy times. Recently Waltham Forest Council have been very aggressive in implementing harsh parking restrictions despite protect from the surgery. Very limited concessions have been made and we are continuing to argue the case for ease of access to healthcare facilities for our patients.


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Download our practice leaflet here: Patient Information Leaflet 2015

Medical education

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Registering & Practice Area

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